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When you are ready to create a Block, click on the Vineyard Tab and select your Vineyard name. On this page you will see a Blocks table where you will add all the details of your blocks.

To create one or many Blocks for your desired Vineyard, you will need to use your vocabulary variety to:

- name your block,

- add a grape varietal,

- measurement for row spacing,

- measurement for vine spacing,

- Year planted.

So by editing all these characteristics, you create your block and its details are saved automatically.

Remember that you design your VitSmarter. So, add as much detail as you would like including clone, root stock, trellis type, row orientation and soil type for your vineyard. Select the < Set Up tab> and click on the links under Set Up Company Application. (Tip: you may start by the order it is on the list.)

[edit] Map

Just like you did for your Vineyard, you must also place the icon on the center of the Block. This way, you will be able to tell apart your blocks within your Vineyards.

By default the initial position of the marker is the location of your Vineyard. Make sure that you have already written the Map Address of your Vineyard in order for you to be able to see your Block on the Map. If you change the address of your Vineyard, make sure to setup this map again.

You should also see Create Vineyard to better understand how to perform edit. Please click our <Feedback tab> or you may click on the Feedback this page located on the bottom right corner on every VitSmarter page if you still have questions.

See also Create Vineyard

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