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This is the first step to start your application. Once you have logged in, you may go to the Vineyard tab and Create (or Modify) a Vineyard by: (1) entering the Name of your Vineyard, (2) the number of acres of your Vineyard, (3) location of your Vineyard and (4) Map address.

[edit] Map Address

For the location of your Vineyard, you will need to enter the Address: street, city, State and zip code. The same information may be submitted for the Map Address. However, if your Vineyard location is not recognized by the Map, please try to select the closest location to your Vineyard by testing streets and numbers using your Map. Once you have successfully entered this information, click on the Test button to see the map. Drag the marker to the center of your vineyard or simply click in the center of your Vineyard to locate the area. This task is highly recommended to do, this option allows you to see the Map of your Vineyards on the Tab Home and track your work orders.

Click save when you have finished.

[edit] Blocks

Now, you are ready to specify your blocks within your Vineyard. Just click on the Add Block button for each Vineyard created.

You should know that you may also add more Vineyards by selecting the Add Vineyard link under the quick links on the left side bar.

Keep in mind that VitSmarter is the web place for you to personalize and work on your Vineyards. So, visit our <Feedback tab> or click on the Feedback this page located on the bottom right corner on every VitSmarter page should you have more questions.

Also you can create a new Vineyard just clicking on left side of the window under quick links the option Add Vineyard.

See also Create Block

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