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In this section, you have access to:

• The specifics of your Work Order,

• Save the progress of your WO,

• Select the Complete (100%) button,

• Edit your WO,

• Print your WO,

[edit] Save Progress

You must save the progress of your WO. To do so, just click on the check box of the Vineyard/Block that you have worked on. If you finished your WO, you may click each check box or simply click the check box on the top part of the page under "Complete (100%)".

If you finish your WO you can click each check box or just click the check box on the upper page "Complete (100%)"

[edit] Edit

You may modify the information of the WO whenever you want. To modify the dates, notes, add/delete the Vineyard/Blocks click on the Edit button. And do not forget to save the new changes you have made.

[edit] Print

Work Orders are easy to print; click on the Image:printIco.gif icon and this shows you a formatted page to be printed. We suggest you to use tools like PDFRedirect to a PDF for a neat format.

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