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You can change all your Block information here, you only need the name if you want clear its info.

Also there are other information you can write about your Block. When you start with VitSmarter, may be you only see a few options to fill, but you can add more, things as Clone, Root stock, Row Spacing, and more, only you have to do is go to Setup tab and create some registers of the section Catalogs, so all your register you create, you will see when you create a Block, and of course when you modify your Block.

[edit] Map

As the same as on a Vineyard you must put the icon on the center of the Block, in this way you perform a organization of your Vineyards and its Blocks.

By default the initial position is the location of your Vineyard, so if you don't write a Map Address on the Vineyard you can't locate your Block on this Map. Also if you change the Address of your Vineyard you have to setup this map again.

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