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[edit] Edit Vineyard

In this page you may edit the name, area, and address of your Vineyard.

When you modify the Address of the Map, don't forget to click on the Test button in order to locate your Vineyard on the Map. Also, follow the instructions to drag the marker to the center of the map or click in the center of your Vineyard.

Click Save once you have finished your modifications.

[edit] Delete

You may delete your Vineyard, but be careful because this action deletes permanently all the information of your Vineyard (including Blocks). If you had Work Orders attached to this Vineyard, and was the only one you have to do either delete your Work Order or add new Vineyard – Blocks to this Work Order.

[edit] Archive

This action sends your Vineyard selected to standby – the archive Vineyard becomes inactive and its information is kept. This feature allows you to save your Vineyard and its history information.

[edit] Map Address

Select the center of your Vineyard on the map. This task is very useful and will allow you to see all your Vineyards and Work Orders on the Vineyard Map at the Home tab.

See more Create Vineyard

[edit] Save as New

To set up a new Vineyard similar to the one you created, just modify some characteristic and click the Save as New button. Otherwise, just click Save to keep the information submitted.

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