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[edit] 1. How to print a report in PDF Format?

To print in PDF format, we use a tool called PDF Redirect. Once you have it installed, it will be like a printer in your system with the difference that it does not print in paper instead in a PDF file. This software will also be useful to you to convert other documents to a PDF format.

Go to the Work Orders and click on the printer Icon, as you see next: Image:workordertoprint.jpg

Then a new window will open with a print format, next a dialog window will be opened. This is where you have to choose the PDF Redirect printer. Once selected, click OK and follow the instructions.


[edit] 2. Can I manage crews in the application?

The application allows users to manage crews. You may edit them in the section corresponding to manage resources under Set Up. In this page you may edit the names of your staff members, assign crews and resource type.

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