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Will it ever be possible to have GPS capabilities? Our guys have handheld PDAs with GPS so they can mark a spot in a vineyard where something needs to get done (for instance, a broken wire or diseased or infested vine(s). If making an interactive GPS map isn’t possible, we were wondering if we could work out a longitude and latitude system?

If you have the lat/long data, we can EASILY add it to the the application/database. This is a huge advantage of using Google Maps / Earth. We need to understand your requirement further, as we are confident we can help.

This item requires further discussion.

a. Then, my partner suggested that if you could go to the map on the site; click on a point on the map to mark the spot, then have the point bring up a pop-up note with the instructions for that location. In other words, once a spot in a vineyard is located that needs something done, you could enter the notes (i.e., repair broken trellis wire), mark the spot on the map and when you hover or click on the point, the note would pop up.

We have some thoughts on how to do this. We call it map-oriented (or graphics-oriented) work orders.

This item requires further discussion.

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