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We would like to be able to order multiple activities with multiple completion dates for multiple blocks in one vineyard. For example, we would like to be able to put on the work order something like this:

Date ordered: August 1, 2008

  1. Vineyard ABC – Block 1 – irrigate 10 hours on August 5 and August 7 (or something like that)
  2. Vineyard ABC – Block 1 - mow
  3. Vineyard ABC – Block 2 – tie vines
  4. Vineyard ABC – Block 2 – irrigate 4 hours on August 5, etc.

One of our "assumptions" it to have ONE activity per work order, which could be applied to several vineyards/blocks. The clients we have worked with seem to organize by work activity (mowing, irrigation, etc) first. NOTE - we thought (think?) there is an advantage to being able to set up work orders to address one activity type across many vineyards/blocks.

The other system "feature" is that this is more of a "general" work order. We envision creating specific work order types (irrigation, pesticide, etc) that would lend themselves to the type of activity --and the detail you require for each type. We know these aren't always compatible.

In any case, the system is currently set up to create one activity type * many vineyards/vines * one due date. In the example you list above, you would have to create five work orders:

WO1 - Vyd ABC Block 1 - Irrigate 10 hours on 8/5

WO2 - Vyd ABC Block 1 - Irrigate x hours on 8/7

WO3 - Vyd ABC Block 1 - mow

WO4 - Vyd ABC Block 2 - tie vines

WO5 - Vyd ABC Block 2 - Irrigate 4 hours on 8/5 (NOTE: You could add this to WO#1 to add the duration in the notes).

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