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To create a New Work Order (WO) you have two options:

- In the left side of the windows there are Quick links, so click on the "Create Work Order"

- Go to Work Order tab and click on Create Work Order button on the right upper page.

[edit] Setup information

1. Select the Activity name from the drop down list. If you are new on VitSmarter you must set up your Activities on Setup tab, please follow this link for more information.

2. Enter the Date Due (or select calendar icon to select the date).

3. Select "Assigned to" from the drop down list. "Assigned to" is the person at charge to do this WO. if you are new on VitSmarter you mus set up your Crews of work, these Crews has a person at charge (Assigned to). To see more information about the Crews click here.

4. Add relevant instructions in the Notes field on your right.

[edit] Select Vineyards and Blocks

To add Vineyards and Blocks you must set up first your Vineyards and Blocks

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