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As to numbering the work orders: we would like the system to generate the numbers after we have entered a starting number. But it would also be helpful to be able to over-ride the system generated number when necessary.

We have two ideas:

a) We can set a starting number in the system for you. If this is the idea please tell us the number and we will do it.

We could set up a "starting number" which would then use the next number in sequence. This would enable you to begin the numbering with your scheme, and then have the system take the next number in sequence.

b) We can set a new field where you write the work order number that you want. We think this is the best solution for you.

We could also allow you to"override" our "internal" work order number. From a system perspective, we would have a blank field next to "our" WO # --which you could then type in your work order number. If this field is populated, we would have the system use that one. We would not build any intelligence into the system, so you could use the same WO # again.

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