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We’re still having a little difficulty understanding the resource, crew and “assigned to” fields. On our work orders, what we would like to be able to do is tell someone (i.e., a labor contractor) to perform X task on X date. Let us set up a "Go To Meeting" session so we can explain our logic behind this concept. I think it requires a better explanation.

We’d like to have their name and contact information on the work order, as well as ours. It would also be nice if the system would allow us to indicate who (from our company) is making the assignment. That information should also appear on the work order so when we fax it to the person doing the work, they know who to contact with questions. It would also be nice if the form had somewhere for the person performing the work to write notes and indicate completion date, which they could then fax back to us when they have done it. Our labor contractor is not computer savvy so he would handwrite his notes and fax the document back to us for input into the system.

Could you send us a template of the work orders you are currently using?

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