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[edit] VitSmarter Beta 0.0 October 19, 2007

This version have the minimum requests presented on the original idea ( Vineyard, Blocks, Work Orders, Company Info (Setup Tab))

Support for two languages: English and Spanish.

[edit] VitSmarter Beta 0.1 November 1, 2007

There are some improvements on Work Orders as handling crews.

[edit] VitSmarter Beta 0.2 November 16, 2007

To complete the information of the Blocks, it's created the Catalogs Clone, Soil Type, Rootstock, Trellis Type, Row Orientation, Activities

[edit] VitSmarter 1.0.0 February 26, 2008

VitSmarter has been tested, and released. But also is added Google Maps functionality on Vineyard and Block pages.

[edit] VitSmarter 1.1.0 Februrary 27, 2008

Fixed some bugs into Block information and its catalogs on Setup tab. And Google Maps functionality improved.

Work Orders on Vineyard and Block pages.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.0.0 May 20, 2008

Changes on Work Order Number, this mean, in the first version the work order numbers was something to make sense to the system, now the work order numbers can be used by the user.

New Help tab: now we installed a wiki to help users with VitSmarter, so the help content is growing all the time. In this manner the users can contribute with VitSmarter, with suggestions, doubts, etc. To be easy of use, we put help icons Image:help.gif to show the information about each topic.

New Feedback tab: in this new tab, we add the utility to send us a feedback, in fact now on the footer of all pages there is a link to send us a feedback about you are watching in that moment, so we can help you a lot with these new functionality.

Manage your Work Orders on a Google Map in Home tab, with some special characteristics.

Print Work Orders functionality.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.0.1 May 30, 2008

Some modifications to the web design and functionality.

Search engine modified to work whit the wiki.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.1.0 June 10, 2008

It's incorporated Unit Type, this mean, that you can specify if your information is in feet or meters for example.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.1.1 June 16, 2008

A minor improvements.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.1.2 July 16, 2008

Administration tool is being prepared to future functionality.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.1.3 August 6, 2008

Fix a bug on Search Work Orders engine.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.2.0 August 16, 2008

The Completion of the Work Orders was introducing by the system, now the user or the system can assign this Date.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.2.1 August 22, 2008

You can insert your own Company Logo in the system, to be use when you print your Work Orders.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.3 October 23, 2008

Vineyard WebCam modulue is integrated. This works with help of to setu up a camera.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.4 April 21, 2009

VitSmarter has a new Tour Tab and a new functionality: a Wizard called "First Farm Plan", to create a Vineyard, Blocks, Activities and a Work Order in 3 steps.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.4.1 April 24, 2009

This is a minor release. Some improvement validating the catalogs.

[edit] VitSmarter March 3, 2010

Adding Help Icons in Setup section.

[edit] VitSmarter March 29, 2010

Adding Help texts.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.4.2 June 25, 2010

Some improvements in mail registrations Added Social networks, and youtube channel Forward a friend functionality Some improvements in the contents

[edit] VitSmarter 2.5.2 January 28, 2012

The application is modified so now run in the last Sun Server now Oracle, called GlashFish 3.1.1 No changes to the functionality were made for this version, only updates on libraries and configuration to run properly in this new version.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.6 April 6, 2012

Making changes to look and feel, texts, principally. New email for new created users inside on an existing account. Some functionality improved.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.6.1 April 9, 2012

Minor changes from previous versions.

[edit] VitSmarter 2.7 January 24, 2014

Updating Google Maps functionality to version 3

[edit] VitSmarter 2.7.1 May 29, 2014

Migrating VitSmarter to the Cloud, we will continue providing the service from the cloud :).

Using now Amazon AWS RDS

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