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VitSmarter Vineyard Management Software is the free, online, and easiest way to manage wine growing. It is easy to personalize to reflect your viticulture practices. You can start creating work orders immediately after you set up your vineyards and blocks, as well as work activities.


[edit] Sign In

  1. Go to VitSmarter Home
  2. Type your username
  3. Type your password
 - If you forgot your password click on the link forgot password. Enter your e-mail and a new password will be emailed to you.
 - The box remember me allows you to save your e-mail and password in your computer.

[edit] Define Your Work Activities, People and Crews

[edit] Add a New Work Activity

  1. Go to Set Up tab.
  2. Click Catalogs > Activities.
  3. Enter activity name in Name field.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click on Reorder Items to sort the activities list by alphabetical order.
 - The activity list appears in alphabetical order. 
 - Use leading numbers (e.g., 01, 02, 03…) to assign a desired order to the activities.
 - You can also add code numbers to the beginning of the sequence.

[edit] Edit Activities

  1. Click on the activity you wish to edit. It will appear in the Name field.
  2. Modify text.
  3. Click Save.

[edit] Delete Activities

  1. Click red box next to activity you wish to delete.
  2. Click OK to confirm deletion. NOTE: Once you use an activity within a work order, it cannot be deleted.

[edit] Manage Resource Types

  1. Go to Resource Type tab.
  2. Enter Name.
  3. Click Save.
 Use this functionality to set up different employee types, such as Crew Chiefs or Managers

[edit] Manage Resources (People)

  1. Go to Resources tab.
  2. Enter First Name, Last Name.
  3. Select Resource Type from drop down list.
  4. Click Save.

[edit] Add / Edit Resources (People)

  1. Go to Add/Edit Resources (team members) tab.
  2. Select Edit to modify text.

[edit] Add / Edit Crews (Teams)

  1. Go to Crews tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter crew name.
  4. Select Assigned to from drop down list.
  5. Click Save.

[edit] Set Up Your Vineyards & Blocks

[edit] Set Up Vineyards

  1. Go to Vineyards tab.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter vineyard name.
  4. Enter Acres
  5. Enter Location Address (Street, City, State & Zip Code)
  6. Enter and/or Search Map Address if you wish to see map location. Click Test to confirm map location.
 - Drag the Leaf Icon to the middle of the Map. Then click Save in order to keep all the information you entered. 
 - The icon will also save latitude, length, and altitude. 
 - The map appears as a development test of the functionality of Google Maps.
  1. Select Denomination from drop down list. NOTE: You first must define denominations you will use within your organization.
  2. Enter URL for vineyard webcam (This functionality is currently in development).
  3. Click Save.

[edit] Set Up Blocks

  1. Go to Vineyards tab.
  2. Click on vineyard name where you will add a block.
  3. Click Add Block button.
  4. Add block name.
  5. Select clone.
  6. Select root stock.
  7. Enter row spacing (space between rows).
  8. Enter vine spacing (space between vines).
  9. Select soil type.
  10. Enter year planted.
 - For the selection of clone, root stock, soil type go to Set Up tab.
 - Next, look for Set Up Company Application, click on Customize clone, customize root stock, customize soil type, etc. 
 - Click Save.
  1. Click Save. The Map appears with the block added. A new Icon will show requesting you to set it in the middle of your newly created block.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Repeat process to add and/or modify additional blocks.
 REMEMBER: You need to set up a vineyard first before you can create a block.

[edit] Manage Vineyard Work

[edit] Create Work Orders

  1. Go to Work Orders tab.
  2. Click Create Work Order tab to enter work order details:
  3. Select Activity from drop down list.
  4. Enter Date Due (or select calendar icon to select date).
  5. Select Assigned to from drop down list.
  6. Add relevant instructions in Notes field.

[edit] Assign Vineyard and Block combination a Work Order

  1. Select vineyard from drop down list.
  2. Select blocks. Use Ctrl to select multiple values.
  3. Click Add New button to assign the work order to the vineyards and blocks.
  4. Repeat process to add more vineyards.
  5. Click Save.
 Remember: You require a Vineyard and Block to create a work order

[edit] Add an Activity to be Performed

  1. Add your Team members to assign your new work order.
  2. To Search a specific Work Order simply enter WO # and/or activity, enter search and the WO will be displayed below.

[edit] Manage Preferences

[edit] Update Company Information

  1. Select Add Users.
  2. Enter Company Name.
  3. Enter Company Address.
  4. Select Country from drop down list.
  5. Enter State.
  6. Enter City.
  7. Enter Zip.
  8. Enter Web Address
  9. Enter telephone.
  10. Enter Fax.
  11. Click Save.

[edit] Manage Users

  1. Select Add New Users.
  2. Click on Add New User tab.
  3. Enter Email
  4. Enter First Name.
  5. Enter Last Name.
  6. Click Save.

[edit] Edit Your Personal Information

  1. Select Edit your information.
  2. Enter Telephone number.
  3. Enter Cell Phone number.
  4. Enter Fax number.
  5. Click Save.
 Note:  If you wish to change your password you may do that by following the change password instructions and clicking Save.

[edit] Set Personal Preferences

  1. Select “Edit your preferred language”.
  2. Click on the flag that represents you language: US for English, Spain for Spanish and France for French.
  3. Click Save.

[edit] Personalize the Data You Will Manage (Rootstock, Clone, Soil, etc)

Go to the Set Up tab to manage the following configuration activities:

[edit] Customize Your Clone Types

  1. Enter Name.
  2. Click Save.

[edit] Customize Your Soil Types

  1. Enter Name.
  2. Click Save.

[edit] Customize Your Rootstock

  1. Enter Name.
  2. Click Save.

[edit] Customize Your Trellis Type

  1. Enter Name.
  2. Click Save.

[edit] Define Your Row Orientation

  1. Enter Name.
  2. Click Save.

[edit] Define Your Activities

  1. Enter Name.
  2. Click Save

[edit] Get Help

  • Send e-mail to if you have further questions.

[edit] See also

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